Tourism in Africa

In the world that we live in today, places like Africa don’t get much attention when it comes to tourism. Or at least not as much attention as they truly deserve. This article is to shed some light on the true reasons why Africa is still glorious and why we should fly there right now! So here’s a list of places that are true representatives of all the glory that Africa is. These places will truly make you awe with wonder. These places rich in nature and culture are all you need to see. So buy cheap airline miles online, and visit these glorious places in Africa.

1. Tanzania
This East African country is known for its wildness. It is the largest part of East Africa and houses places such as the lands of Mafia, Pemba and Zanzibar. The population here is diverse with people from one hundred and twenty different African tribes living under the same roof. The richness in culture of this land is said to be as old as time (with the earliest settlements beginning around 5000 B.C). The country has a lot to offer when it comes to rural and close to nature locations. The wildlife of this area is rich with the most popular African animals such as the rhinoceros and leopards also being housed here. You can also find crocodiles and hippopotamuses along the riverbanks and shores.

2. Cape Town
Home to one of the wonders of the world (The Table Mountain), this place is truly mesmerizing. The blue Atlantic Ocean on one side, the amazingly established mountains on the other side – this place has the ability to hold anyone captive. Don’t believe us? Then try visiting it yourself and see if we’re wrong. This port city also allows you to visit and view one of the world’s busiest and most well established sea ports. If you’re a fan of history you might also want to visit the famed prison which was once used to hold the famous Nelson Mandela.

3. Kenya
This country on the coastline of the Indian Ocean is also a part of the glorious Africa. Home to the world’s second largest freshwater lake (the Victoria Lake), this place also houses many different natural wildlife reserves which is why going for safaris is a very famous activity here. Also, one more thing you might want to try here is the local tea. Kenya is famous throughout the world for its tea farms. Or buy it and take it back home so that some part of Kenya always remains with you.
Now that you know where Africa hides all its glory, we suggest you start packing your bags for a trip to this heaven right now. Get ready for a true adventure.


List of The Best Museum Around The World

If someone were to ask me what the most important places in the world are, my answer would be simple. The world’s most important places are the museums because this is where we preserve our history. This is where we learn from the past, acknowledge the glory of our ancestors and their lifestyle and make plans about the future at the same time. Museums can teach us so much, even about the present only if we look hard enough. This article is for anyone who believes that museums can give you inspiration to live and for anyone who doesn’t as well. Here is a list of the world’s largest museums which have the largest collection of historical artifacts under one roof. And if you’re someone who does not have much travel experience, have a look at some easy ways to buy airline tickets

1. The Louvre, Paris
This monument of Paris is the holder of the title for the World’s Largest Museum. This is located on the Right Bank of the Seine of Paris. This museum houses a total of 35,000 objects and includes objects that have been dated as prehistoric along with objects part of the modern day 21t century history. This place is the second most popular place for tourists to visit in Paris (the first one being the Eiffel Tower). This museum is also the home of Leonardo Da Vinci’s most famous painting to date – The Mona Lisa. Definitely worth seeing even if you’re not a fan of history.

2. Metropolitan Museum of Art
The second largest museum of the world and the largest one in the United States of America, this museum is located in New York. The collection here consists of about 2 million works and the museum has seventeen sub divided departments that manage them. The building for this museum is near the Central Park. Going here, you get to gaze at works with diverse backgrounds (from painting and sculptures from Europe to antiques from the corners of Egypt). This museum literally has it all.

3. The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg
This museum houses pieces of art and culture in St. Petersburg Russia. It was opened by for the public in 1852 and was created by Catherine the Great in 1754. The collection here consists of 3 million pieces. This collection also includes the largest mixture of collected paintings this world has ever seen. So if you’re a fan of art, this place is a must go to. This museum has been divided into six smaller complexes out of which only five are open for the public.

These museums are the places where a fan of history might feel at home. Even if you’re not someone who is a fan of history, we still suggest you go there. You don’t know what you might connect with.


Things You Can Do In Singapore

Singapore, located on the south west corner of Asia, is considered to be one of the cleanest places in the world. At one time it was considered to be on the brink of destruction and environmental chaos. This all changed when the people took things into their own hands and today, this place is as clean as a piece of heaven. However, just because it is small does not mean that Singapore cannot offer you things when it comes to having fun. Singapore has a lot to offer to you and here’s what should do to get the true essence of the place. Get yourself some airline tickets for cheap, and fly to Singapore today.

1. Visit the Botanic Gardens

Singapore is home to some of the most amazing gardens and houses a wide array of plants that you probably won’t find anywhere else. Take a trip to these amazing gardens and see the lush plant life of Singapore. The best part is that most of the Botanic Gardens are open for public view throughout the day (starting as early as 5AM and closing as late as midnight). How amazing is that, right?

2. Visit the colorful streets of Tiong Bahru Housing Estate

This is the newest and coolest neighborhood in Singapore and has a lot to offer to anyone who loves wandering around on the streets. You get to see the cool houses, the amazing restaurants and the bars that offer some of the most amazing food that you’ll eat on this side of the continent. The thing about this place is that even though it is new it is actually a restored version of the previous buildings that already existed. So you get to have a view of the perfect combination of old and new when you go here.

3. Enter the Chinese Folklore at the Haw Par Villa

This villa built in 1973 is everything traditional and Chinese. Going here you’ll hear so many different legends and stories and will be amazed at how they all differ from each other. One more thing that you’ll find here is the Chinese depiction of the 10 courts of hell which are often too much to take for people with a light heart. However aside from all of this, the theme park here offers you a chance to gaze at a collection of more than 1000 statues of Chinese origins and legends.

4. Go for shopping in the Orchard Road

Think of this place as the Times Square of Singapore. This is the best place where you can shop at economical rates. With the 22 malls and several other shops present here you can get literally anything you want from here.


How To Feel Summer In December

Wouldn’t it be so nice having coffee and muffins by the terrace, overlooking the sea? You ought to be kidding me if you don’t agree with me. I mean, come on, it’s summer and that’s how we should be having breakfast or maybe a hefty healthy lunch of seafood-the freshest lobsters, crabs, shrimps, and fish and vegetable salad. Yum Yum! Later in the afternoon it would be great lying in the hammock under the shade of the tree, listening to your favourite “summer songs” which you have on your iPod, and having mango shake or halo-halo. This would really be truly refreshing. Or maybe you could walk by the beach with bare feet, feeling the sun on your skin, the water and the sand on your feet and wait for the beautiful sunset, only beaches in the Philippines can offer. You watch as the sky changes the shades of its colour–from the relaxing hue of blue to yellow to fiery red to cool red violet into the blackness of the star-filled night. You chill out with your friends by the beach, sitting in circle with bonfire at the middle providing you light. You sit, you chill, someone takes out a guitar, he starts to play, you sing. You enjoy, you have fun. You drink, you dance, and you feel free. And you say to yourself: “Summer is love. That’s what”.

Who wouldn’t want that? I sure do. And I want it so badly that I can’t think of anything else.

I had cold coffee and muffins for breakfast. I had seafood for lunch. I am listening to my summer songs from OrtoPilot and Rogue Wave. Everything seems perfect, but sadly, I am not anywhere near the beach, nor am I outside the house. I wake up every day doing the same thing: turn on my laptop, log in to Facebook, check my mails, and prepare breakfast. By 8:00 am, I’m off for office. I stay there until 5:30 pm and go home. I feel like I’m such a loser, just as everyone else had gone to the beach and enjoyed summer; here I am in the room Facebook-ing. I browse through the new uploaded photos of friends-all from their summer outings.

It’s summer and people should be out somewhere-at the beach, at the mountain, or at some friends’ house singing karaoke. But I am not. I want to be out of this confinement called OJT. I want to go to the beach and enjoy summer… even just for a day. I want to go home and stay out all day in the sun even if it means sun burns and heat strokes (well, I hope not). But as they say, quality education takes time. And I’d like to think that OJT is worth my summertime.

I miss the great outdoors. I miss being out in the open. I am not a hardcore outdoor enthusiast, but I enjoy being outside the house, bumming in the beach, hiking a mountain or just plain observing people anywhere I’m at. But most of all I miss the beach-the sand, the sea, the sun, the kites, the wind breeze, the beach bums… everything about the beach-I miss. I have painstakingly asked my friends to change their profile pictures. They can have any summer-themed pictures they want so long as it’s without the beach as their background. Some complied; most of them mocked and said I can have my summer outing when my OJT ends; some even went to the extent of tagging me in their pictures.

It hurts so I succumb to defense mechanisms. I rationalize. I sour grape. I sugar coat.

Doing on-the-job training is good for me. Aside from the fact that it’s a requirement for me to finish school, OJT exposes me to the “real” world. It makes me realize that there is a big difference between theory and reality, that the four walls of the office are not prison cell, but a venue for continued learning, venue for opening my eyes to the real essence of human resource practices in the workplace.

It’s a chance for me to grow and witness what it’s like being outside the comforts of school. It’s a chance to evaluate myself on where I stand compared to people outside my circle. It’s a chance for me to share this summer experience with friends that I don’t usually hang out with-to talk to them about anything; the elections, why we would vote for our candidate, the hopes that our candidate would win the elections, the office hours, the pseudo summer love affairs, the deadlines to meet.

Hanging out with my co-trainees is great, but what’s even greater is talking to people with different backgrounds and knowing what they think about random things and learn from them. So far, I learned that no matter how I try to approach things objectively and logically, it just won’t work because most people rely on their instincts and gut feel in decision-even if it doesn’t make sense. No matter how much I think that my suggestions are logically and feasible, they won’t be accepted immediately by most people, especially the boss if it outwits theirs. That in the real world, I have to be humble because there are a lot of people who are way better than I am, who knows more than I do and who are far more experienced than I am in life.

I learned that every person has a story, and like any other stories, a lesson or two are learned. And I believe that this is what practicum is all about. And yes, it’s worth more than my summertime.